10 thoughts on “I are a winnar!”

  1. I’m happy to pay as much as you did for it!

    (if that’s not good enough I’ll give you €5 and a stylish [read broken] laptop.

  2. ok, I’ll pay for the bottle of 7UP or Pepsi that won it for you (ah to hell with it, I’ll cover the cost of both!)

  3. Ah sure I had to buy 816 bottles to win the prize! Do you think I’m some kind of fool or what?! (Actually, I entered with the codes from three 500ml bottles of Diet Pepsi. My gf thinks I’m only codding myself, since I’ve bought approximately (where “approximately” == “made up”) eight million gallons of DP since I started drinking it anyway. But if I was drinking it anyway…It’s all a bit circular really, and I’m blond and my head hurts.)

  4. Ah fugg it, I’m a Coke man myself and I couldn’t be arsed buying pepsi on the off chance that I might win something…

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